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"It was ingenious and exciting – an obstacle transformed into design. Director Anais Koivisto... has given this work humor, elegance, and pizzazz."
Glenda Frank, New York Theatre Wire (The Roaring Girl)

"Director Anaïs Koivisto has done an extraordinary job combining the talents in this production into a unified vision... this piece is a great example of what a talented team with competent direction can produce."
Dillon Slagle, Theatre is Easy (A Map to Somewhere Else)

"Director Anaïs Koivisto makes inventive use of space. With the audience in a single row around the perimeter, the main characters enter and exit through various corners, while others appear only in silhouette behind white gauze screens at our backs. It’s an intensely effective way of telling this multifaceted, if claustrophobic, tale with a cast of just eight."
Job Sobel, BlogCritics (Othello)

"Anais Koivisto transports her audience into Lady Macbeth's new reality with passion, vivid imagery, and brilliance. It's an intimate and whimsical performance you're not likely to forget."
Carly Mento, StageBuddy (Something Wicked)

"Throughout, we never forget where we are and why. This production does a fantastic job invoking the feeling of a pirate ship with only a few strategically placed ropes, along with costumes and casually handled weapons. The highlight of the play is its powerful use of music..."
Natalie Sacks, Charged.FM (Heart of Oak)

"...the production also happens to be mounted in the round, [which] director Anaïs Koivisto manages to maneuver with ease, keeping the action flowing and the space brimming with life."
Collin McConnell, nytheater now (A Map to Somewhere Else)

"Music and movement seem close to the heart of this production. There is a sense that Koivisto, directing as well as adapting, is getting her actors’ movements to echo the rhythm of the line delivery, as if they are engaged in a formal dance of some complexity... A rich sense of theatricality is at play and Koivisto employs a bold pallet of effects."
Geoffrey Paddy Johnson, The Happiest Medium (Something Wicked)

"[Koivisto's] staging was something beautiful to watch. The artistry in choreography and spacing was the highlight of the production... Discovering the main architecture of the space allowed for some stunning stage pictures."
Michael Block, Theatre in the Now (Something Wicked)

"Masterfully staged... Anais Koivisto’s unified production did an excellent job of using the entire space..."
Joan Kane, (Briar Rose)

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